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Whether this is your first boat, or you’ve bought so many you’ve lost count, our boat loan payment calculator is a great, quick tool to help you assess a price range you should target before you start shopping for one. 

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That boating life is so close you can taste the saltwater air.

Did you know you could own a boat for as low as $250 a month? Get started with our calculator.

Boat or personal watercraft ownership is absolutely within reach! See how much you can afford by entering your target payment in our boat loan payment calculator below, and it will give you a target price. Next, enter that price in our listing filters and get started on your boat search. Or, if you already have a boat in mind, you can enter the boat price to calculate the monthly payment.

Once you’re starting to hone in on a boat, connect with the finance team to customize a boat financing plan that meets your needs, and learn unique perks to boat ownership like being able to deduct loan interest if it’s got livable quarters.

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