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Instant Boatification Awaits !

Everything you will ever need to buy or sell your boat is right here.


Your New Boat Awaits!

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Less searching, more cruising.

At Boats For Sale we’re on a mission to make boat buying better.

Use easy-to-navigate sales listings and proprietary tools to identify the right type of boat for you. Then narrow down the selection to the best matches with sophisticated filters and listings full of the details a boat buyer wants to see. We work closely with both our buyers and sellers to ensure we have you out in the sun, wind and waves—and off our website—as soon as possible.

The most intuitive boat sale website out there.

We are boat people. And we’ve finally created a streamlined selling process that works.

Our team consists of boating enthusiasts and industry experts. We’ve worked hard to optimize the boat selling process, focusing on the details that will get your boat sold soonest and for the highest dollar.

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Need to sell now? We’ll make you a cash offer.

At Boats For Sale our focus is getting that boat sold, even if that means cashing out right away.

Whether you’re just not finding the buyer or need to move quickly, let us make you an offer. We’ll work with a variety of dealers in your area and come back with the best and fairest offer price. The application process is quick, easy and obligation-free.